Natrasolve [High Flash Emulsifiable Citrus Degreaser]

To eliminate the problems associated with both grease and odors, you need Share's NATRASOLVE. The combination of citrus-based and aliphatic solvents work together to make NATRASOLVE a powerful and versatile cleaner. The specially formulated ingredients work to dissolve grease and oil deposits without harming surrounding equipment or creating hazardous waste by-products. While NATRASOLVE is safe, it is also powerful on both greasy deposits and on foul odors. The natural, citrus-based solvent d-Limonene helps cut through grease and get out tough stains, even tar. d-Limonene also neutralizes offensive odors and replaces them with the sweet fragrance of fresh oranges. NATRASOLVE from Share will naturally solve all of your degreasing needs.


  • Aliphatic and citrus extract solvents have a high flash point and low toxicity.
  • Emulsifiers allow you to wash away grease and grime with high pressure water.
  • Will not harm metals, concrete or most plastics.
  • Replaces offensive odors with the sweet fragrance of fresh oranges.
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