Lotionized Hand Soap

Pink Liquid Hand Soap

LOTIONIZED HAND SOAP is our richest, most luxurious hand cleaner to date. Gentle cleaners in this lotionized formula deep-clean, penetrating into skin's pores to lift grease and dirt. Soil is easily removed by rinsing - no scrubbing is required. LOTIONIZED HAND SOAP contains special skin care conditioners to soothe damaged skin, and leave behind a moisture barrier to prevent chapping. It also contains a light fragrance to leave hands with a pleasant, fresh scent. This versatile soap may also be used as a bath and shower soap or even a shampoo. LOTIONIZED HAND SOAP from Share leaves skin feeling the way it should after washing - soft, smooth, clean and fresh.


  • pH balanced formulation contains no abrasives or harsh alkaline cleaners.
  • Light fragrance leaves a fresh scent.
  • Leaves hands clean with no slippery residue.
  • A Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
Skin Care
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