Lotion Soap

Lotionized Hand Soap

Add a dose of sophistication to every rest room with LOTION SOAP from Share. The gentle cleaners in this attractive lotion formula give you a deep down clean, penetrating into skin pores to lift out grease and dirt. Soils are easily removed by lathering LOTION SOAP and rinsing. No harsh scrubbing is required. Skin conditioners soothe damaged skin and produce a protective barrier to prevent chapping. LOTION SOAP provides skin with a silky-smooth, pampered feel and a mild, pleasant fragrance. Get LOTION SOAP from Share. It's the strong soap with the elegant touch.

  • Provides a rich lather that rinses freely, leaving hands soft and silky smooth.
  • Light fragrance for a clean, fresh scent.
  • Penetrates skin pores for deep cleaning action.
  • Skin conditioners soothe damaged skin.
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Designated Green
Skin Care
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