LIQUI-GEM SETTING [Resilient Floor Sealer]

Liqui-Gem SETTING Resilient Floor Sealer provides an excellent foundation for high-gloss finishes as it fills in the thousands of tiny imperfections in your floor's surface. SETTING is a colorless, acrylic seal that acts as a separating layer between the floor surface and the floor finish. This separating layer creates a secure and adherable surface for the finish to grab hold of while the self-leveling formula assures a flat, smooth foundation. The resulting surface allows the gloss producing solids in the finish to bond together for a shinier, more radiant and more durable finish. SETTING is an excellent sealant for terrazzo, marble, quarry, ceramic tiles and most other flooring materials. Just as the perfect setting can enhance jewelry, Liqui-Gem SETTING can enhance your floor's shine.


  • Makes an excellent base for additional high-gloss finishes.
  • Does not oxidize, yellow or darken with age.
  • Simple application with either a cotton mop or lambs wool applicator.
  • Formulated for use on most types of porous flooring materials.
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Floor Care
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