LIQUI-GEM REJUVENATOR [Floor Restorer & Reconditioner]

The beauty of Liqui-Gem REJUVENATOR Floor Restorer and Reconditioner is its ability to bring back the original shine of your floor. REJUVENATOR is not a watered-down finish, it is a concentrated reconditioning cleaner designed to rejuvenate acrylic floor finishes, such as Liqui-Gem DIAMOND Finish. After dry- and damp-mopping, REJUVENATOR can be applied and worked into the finish with a high-speed burnisher. It goes to work immediately, penetrating and filling microscopic pores in your finish as it lubricates the burnishing pad. As a lubricant between the burnishing pad and the floor, REJUVENATOR will not powder, haze or yellow existing finishes. Instead, it brings back the original "wet look" shine to tough thermoplastic coatings, restoring your floor's fantastic gloss. REJUVENATOR will provide the same luster when applied with a mop and bucket and buffed out with a low-speed buffer, saving both labor and equipment costs. Don't refinish tired floors, rejuvenate them with Liqui-Gem REJUVENATOR.


  • Concentrate slip-resistant formula is an economical alternative to stripping and refinishing floors that have lost their lustrous shine.
  • Removes scuff marks and repairs scratches quickly and easily.
  • Provides the necessary lubrication between buffing pads and floors.
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Floor Care
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