LIQUI-GEM DUSTER [Dust Mop & Dust Cloth Treatment]

Liqui-Gem DUSTER is a dust mop treatment that is designed to increase the adherence of dirt and dust particles to your mop. By digging into your acrylic and polyurethane floor finishes, these particles cause deep scratches that quickly dull and wear your finish. DUSTER removes these dirt and dust particles from your floor before they damage your finish. It is ideal for daily dry mopping because its mild formula is not only easy to use, but also easy on the environment. DUSTER is not formulated with petroleum distillates, chlorinated solvents or mineral seal oils. Food additives and other surfactants are uniquely blended to produce a non-toxic, biodegradable dust mop treatment that can be removed by conventional laundering methods without concerns of environmental hazards. The oil-free formula ensures that there is no slippery residue left behind on either your mop or your floor. Showcase your floor's 24-carat shine. Dust them off with Liqui-Gem DUSTER.


  • Can also be used on air filters and air conditioner filters to increase dust removal.
  • Ideal for daily dry mopping of high-traffic areas.
  • Apply to door mats and floor runners to collect dirt and dust before they reach your floors.
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Floor Care
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