JUST RED [Electircal Equipment Coating]

JUST RED is a unique aerosol coating specially formulated to protect electrical equipment. It forms a flexible insulating coat that quickly dries to a tough, glossy and non-conductive finish. The dried film resists cracking and chipping, protecting electrical equipment against chemicals, oil, moisture and corrosion. The flexible film that has formed will strengthen and repair worn out and damaged insulation to prevent current leakage, short circuiting and flash-off, insuring optimal effiency of electrical equipment. It exhibits high arc resistance and has high dielectric strength. JUST RED is great for use by electrical suppliers, mechanics, industrial mainteneance shops, manufacturing plants and utility plants.


  • Resists chemicals, oil and moisture.
  • Prevents current leakage, short circuiting and flash-off.
  • High arc resistance and 1,500 volt dielectric strength.
  • Effective as a finish coat.
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