JET DUSTER [Electronic Duster Spray]

Blast away loose dust and dirt from difficult, hard-to-reach places with JET DUSTER from Share. JET DUSTER is a compact, portable source of ultra-clean gas used for precision removal of dirt, dust, lint and other particles. JET DUSTER is perfect for cleaning delicate computer and office equipment, keyboards, circuits, electronic devices, audio/visual equipment, cameras and photographic equipment. When used with the extension tube, JET DUSTER offers pinpoint accuracy to ensure you're cleaning exactly what you are intending to clean. JET DUSTER does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals (no CFC's). It also cleans without leaving behind a film or residue. Keep expensive computer and electronic equipment clean and dust-free with JET DUSTER from Share.


  • Ultra-clean gas for use on delicate or sensitive electronics and equipment.
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals (no CFC's) and has less environmental impact than comparable products.
  • Extension tube offers pinpoint accuracy for precision cleaning and dusting.
  • Leaves no residue.
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