Insulating Pipe Spray

Cold Pipe Insulator

Stop annoying water drips from damaging valuable property or products with INSULATING PIPE SPRAY from Share. No maintenance department is complete without this valuable tool for stopping cold pipes from sweating. INSULATING PIPE SPRAY is a spray on cold pipe insulation that prevents condensation from forming on the exterior of copper, PVC, cast iron, or pipes of other material. Convenient aerosol form with fan spray applicator allows user to get to those hard to reach areas and conforms to irregularly shaped surfaces. This insulation spray can be painted or primed when dry and not only is a stand alone product but also serves well to supplement and repair conventional wrap around insulation. INSULATING PIPE SPRAY is also suitable for use on water tanks, gutters, ducts, toilet tanks; anywhere condensation tends to be a problem.


  • Prevents condensation formation on cold piping of any type by creating a durable, flexible, and water resistant coating.
  • Special spray nozzle allows for greater flexibility in application in tight locations or irregular surfaces.
  • Can be primed or painted over to match existing interior detail.
  • Helps seal or repair conventional wrap around insulation.
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