Inhibited Water Meter Cleaner

Inhibited Acid Cleaner

Share's INHIBITED WATER METER CLEANER will absolutely amaze you with its ability to clean soils from a variety of surfaces. With potent ingredients like wetting, penetrating and rinsing agents along with hydrochloric acid, INHIBITED WATER METER CLEANER easily dissolves contaminants such as rust, lime, minerals and scale from hard surfaces. Whether applied at full strength or diluted, it descales heating and cooling units, radiators, boilers, and other metal surfaces. It also restores weather-worn brick or stone to it's natural color. This powerful cleaner dissolves carbonates such as mortar, plaster, cement and concrete from surfaces where it may be waste or residue. When you need to power away oxidation and scaling, let Share's INHIBITED WATER METER CLEANER do the work for you.


  • Contains no dangerous or flammable solvents.
  • Contains special inhibitors that protect metal from being damaged.
  • Use to clean machinery parts, water meters and cement trucks.
  • Use to descale water lines, cooling coils, and heat exchange equipment.
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