IL Metal Working Lubricant/Coolant

Synthetic Water-Based Coolant

Friction can be your worst enemy when it comes to machining hard alloys. Without lubrication, cutting edges lose their sharpness and generate unnecessary heat that can damage both the equipment and raw materials. Just use IL METAL WORKING LUBRICANT/COOLANT from Share. Packaged as a water soluble liquid, it is easy to apply. Mix with water in metal working tanks to reduce heat, maintain sharpness and produce smooth, clean work surfaces. IL METAL WORKING LUBRICANT/COOLANT repels filings for better visibility and more accurate work as it protects tools from corrosion. Keep machining cool and lubricated with IL METAL WORKING LUBRICANT/COOLANT from Share.


  • Special clinging formula stays on the cutting bit to give longer tool life and faster cuts.
  • Contains special sulfo-chlorinated additives to increase production and extend tool life.
  • Formulated for all cutting, tapping, sawing and a variety of other machining jobs.
  • Clear formula when mixed with water for better visibility.
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