Hydrant Anti-Freeze

Non-Hazardous Anti-Freeze

Keep municipal fire hydrants in prime working condition, even in the dead of winter, with HYDRANT ANTI-FREEZE from Share. HYDRANT ANTI-FREEZE was developed to prevent frost and ice damage to the exterior and interior mechanisms of water hydrants. Unlike traditional coolants and antifreezes which contain the toxic chemical ethylene glycol, HYDRANT ANTI-FREEZE is formulated with non-toxic propylene glycol which is not life-endangering if ingested or spilled. Made with only food-grade ingredients, it eliminates the possibility of contamination of potable water supplies. HYDRANT ANTI-FREEZE can also be used in radiators and all water cooled engines and can be tested with standard hydrometers. Don't wait until it's too late to find out your water hydrant is frozen solid, stay prepared with HYDRANT ANTI-FREEZE from Share.



  • Manufactured with food grade, non-toxic raw materials.
  • Designed for winter use at concentrations between 50 to 100% for protection in temperatures from -25
  • Will not contaminate potable water supplies.
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