Hi Temp Red Grease

Multi-Service Non-Melt Lubricant

If the grease you've been using isn't able to withstand the extreme pressure and high temperatures generated by your equipment, it's time to switch to Share's HI TEMP RED GREASE. Not only does our grease endure these tough conditions, but it also resists other harsh contaminants such as most acids, weathering, salt spray, steam, oxidation and dirt. A select combination of additives allows HI TEMP RED GREASE to adhere to metal without "throwing off" or "slinging out" while your equipment operates at high speeds. Use it on a variety of industrial equipment including blast furnaces, slag pits, ball joints, sleeve bearings, roller bearings, gears, winches, cables, hinges and chains. Don't let your equipment operate under high heat, pressure and friction. Get HI TEMP RED GREASE from Share.


  • Has a Timken OK load of 50 pounds.
  • Endures temperatures as high as 500
  • Resists most acids, salts, dirt, salt sprays, steam, corrosion and oxidation.
  • Will not cake and melt in hot area such as near blast furnaces and coke pits.
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