Heavy Duty Concrete Seal

Epoxy Protectant

While concrete is a durable surface, it still needs protection against water damage and heavy usage. Give your floors the superior finish they deserve with HEAVY DUTY CONCRETE SEAL from Share. An exceptional blend of epoxy ester resins gives your concrete floors a durable finish that resists weather, wear and tear and the barrage of harmful substances that frequently fall or spill. When HEAVY DUTY CONCRETE SEAL is properly applied, concrete floors become smoother and make the removal of dirt easier when sweeping and scrubbing. For a durable, resilient concrete floor, use the durable, resilient finish from Share -- HEAVY DUTY CONCRETE SEAL.

  • Resistant to oil and grease spills, as well as acid and alkali spills.
  • Guards against the corrosive effects of salt.
  • Penetrates the pores of floor surfaces for a tough, long-lasting finish against heavy usage.
  • Compatible with all types of floor waxes and synthetic floor finishes.
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Floor Care
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