GRABBER TRAPS [Industrial Strength Spider Traps]

Share's GRABBER TRAPS are a great and safe means of protecting employees, visitors, friends and even family members from being bitten by a spider. These industrial strength spider traps are the perfect alternative when harsh sprays and chemicals normally used to kill spiders cannot be used. Share's GRABBER TRAPS contain an all-natural pheromone attractant effective against Hobo, Brown Recluse, and all other indoor spiders. The traps contain three times more adhesive than ordinary spider traps and once trapped the spiders cannot escape, dying within a day or two.


  • Ideal for controlling indoor spiders including the Hobo and Brown Recluse Spiders.
  • Traps contain 3 times more adhesive than other spider traps.
  • Adhesive contains a pheromone attractant.
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Designated Green
Pest Control
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