General Purpose Liquid Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Liquid Cleaner

Difficult cleaning problems call for powerful solutions. For a powerful cleaner that fights against grime and filth, use GENERAL PURPOSE LIQUID CLEANER from Share. An arsenal of wetting agents, detergents and emulsifiers provide it with the necessary weapons you need to cut through grease and dirt. GENERAL PURPOSE LIQUID CLEANER possesses the versatility to safely clean just about any hard, non-porous surface. A special blend of detergents acts to give it the power to move a mountain of dirt, while remaining mild enough to leave delicate materials unharmed. So when you need a mild cleaner that's a real powerhouse when it comes to fighting grease and other soils, get GENERAL PURPOSE LIQUID CLEANER from Share.

  • Gentle enough to use on floors, walls and painted surfaces.
  • A VOC compliant and biodegradable product.
  • Leaves no soap scum.
  • Concentrated detergent goes a long way, making it economical.
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