Gas Line Anti-Freeze

Gasoline Additive

GAS LINE ANTI-FREEZE is specially formulated for gasoline engines to prevent frozen fuel lines and carburetor icing. It promotes easier and faster starting. This remarkable product from Share will actually give your vehicles an extra kick. GAS LINE ANTI-FREEZE will also enhance the quality of the fuel in your tank. This modified fuel courses through your engine and revitalizes internal combustion, burning fuel much more efficiently. Gas consumption drops immensely, thus increasing your gas mileage too. GAS LINE ANTI-FREEZE works throughout your engine so that you'll also see an improvement in all-around performance - power and acceleration increase, engine ping and other noises are reduced, and carburetors run more smoothly. To free sticky valves, reduce carbon formation, and keep the fuel system clean and free from moisture; use GAS LINE ANTI-FREEZE regularly.

  • Gasoline fuel additive.
  • Specially formulated to prevent frozen fuel lines and carburetor icing.
  • Can also be used to displace moisture in guns, fishing reels, snowmobiles, boats, and precision instruments.
  • Formulation functions as a catalyst, fuel stabilizer, and corrosion inhibitor.
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