Galvanizing Spray

Instant Aerosol Cold Galvanizing

GALVANIZING SPRAY is a high solids zinc rich coating that forms an electrolytic bond on metal surfaces preventing the formation of rust and corrosion. Its cold applied coating equals the performance of hot dip galvanize treatments. The convenience of an aerosol makes GALVANIZING SPRAY perfect for spot treating cold dipped parts. The electrolytic bond prevents further damage and stops migration from areas where rusting has already occurred. GALVANIZING SPRAY resists abrasion and large temperature fluctuations further preventing corrosion. After application, the tough, durable gray surface can also serve as a primer and can be painted over. Corrosion proof metal surfaces with Share's cold zinc GALVANIZING SPRAY.


  • Cold applied, high solids pure zinc coating.
  • Provides electro-mechanical zinc bond.
  • Renews worn or damaged hot galvanized surfaces.
  • Protects surfaces from saltwater and chemical fume corrosion.
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