Fuel Oil Anti-Gel

Low Temperature Fuel Oil Additive

Don't be left out in the cold when low temperatures prohibit your fuel oil from properly circulating in your engine or boiler. Instead, add Share's FUEL OIL ANTI-GEL and keep it freely flowing. As fuel oil cools down, naturally occurring wax begins to crystallize, causing oil to thicken and slow down. FUEL OIL ANTI-GEL modifies the shape and structure of these crystals so oil remains loose. By keeping the viscosity of fuel oil low, it readily passes through fuel lines and filters to ensure that boilers, heaters and engines perform more efficiently, even in the most severe weather. To keep engines and boilers running smoothly and trouble-free, your fuel oil must also run smoothly. Keep it flowing with FUEL OIL ANTI-GEL from Share.


  • Formulated with a polymeric wax modifier in a xylene/naphtha solvent carrier.
  • Economical application ratio of 1 pint per 125 gallons.
  • Recommended for truck and rail fleet operators, service stations and truck stops, fuel oil dealers and haulers, municipal, industrial and institutional fuel oil users with above ground storage tanks.
  • Can be used in low and high sulfur fuels.
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