Fuel Aid Plus

Multi-Functional Gasoline Fuel Additive

Some say Share's FUEL AID PLUS is a spark of pure genius. Instead, we just say FUEL AID PLUS adds spark to your fuel system. Engines that operate on a daily basis will develop gummy deposits of varnish and corrosion in fuel systems, carburetors and injectors. By simply adding FUEL AID PLUS to fuel tanks, a series of special penetrating and cleaning agents remove damaging impurities from fuel and fuel systems. Fuel burns cleaner, allowing engines to run more efficiently. FUEL AID PLUS eliminates deposits on intake valves to extend the life of your engine. It also keeps upper cylinders lubricated for smoother starts in cold weather. Don't let carbon and other impurities slow down your fuel systems. Revive engines with Share's FUEL AID PLUS.

  • Inhibits and prevents build-up of carbon deposits in fuel lines.
  • Economical to use with dosages as low as 1/2 pint per 20 gallons of fuel.
  • Works in vehicles with computer-controlled engines and catalytic converters.
  • For use in gasoline fuel systems.
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