Food Grade Grease

White Food Grade Grease

Don't take the chance of letting hazardous lubricants contaminate edibles in food processing plants. Use FOOD GRADE GREASE from Share instead. This washout resistant lubricant has high temperature shear stability, making it an outstanding lubricant for use on all plant equipment. While highly stable, FOOD GRADE GREASE is made with mineral oil and poses no hazard if it makes incidental contact with food products. It's also a long-lasting lubricant and designed to withstand the rigors of high performance equipment. FOOD GRADE GREASE fits all standard grease guns for quick and simple application. 


  • Calcium sulfonate thickener provides excellent washout resistance.
  • Use it on all your equipment to eliminate the danger of using the wrong grease.
  • Effective from -40°F to 500°F.
  • Temperatures above 400°F may require periodic reapplication.
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