FLYWEB® [Adhesive Light Trap]

Anywhere there is a flying insect problem Share can help. The FLYWEB® adhesive light trap svailable from Share Corporation, will assist in the fight against pesky flying insects. With its unique compact design the light trap is ideal for any situation and space fitting into a variety of locations. The unit stays hidden while providing 24-hour, non-chemical silent trapping of flying insects by using a 9-watt ultra-violet light and disposable adhesive glue board. Insects are attracted to the U.V. light and trapped on the web-like disposable adhesive panel. The insect unit covers 600 sq. ft., is energy efficient, UL approved, and easy to assemble. Just remove the protective ooating on the adhesive board, insert it into the unit, and plug into any 110V outlet. No tools required. So the next time you need to get rid of flies, fruit flies, drain flies, bees, wasps, and other flying bugs and insects just plug-in the FLYWEB® adhesive light trap.



  • 24-hour, non chemical silent trapping.
  • Easy to replace, disposable 3
  • 9-watt energy-efficient U.V. insect lamp.
  • No assembly required.
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