FILTER BRIGHT [Swimming Pool Filter Cleaner]

FILTER BRIGHT improves filter efficiency allowing for a clean, healthy swimming pool. This swimming pool filter cleaner will penetrate and liquefy oil, and scum out of the filter media. FILTER BRIGHT is able to clean the filter media using selected multi-cultured strains of natural non-pathogenic enzyme producing bacteria. These special strains of bacteria are very efficient at digesting the oils and grease that normally accumulate and clog pool and spa filters. FILTER BRIGHT is also an environmentally safe product which is biodegradable containing no harsh solvents or corrosive chemicals.

  • Penetrates and liquefies oil, grease and scum from filter media.
  • Uses bacterial enzymes to liquefy oil, grease and scum.
  • Biodegradable Designated Green product without harsh solvents or corrosive chemicals.
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Designated Green
Pool and Spa
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