Epoxy-Grip Spray Coating - Clear

Anti-Slip Coating

Eliminate hazardous, slick surfaces wherever they occur with EPOXY-GRIP SPRAY COATING from Share. This aerosol spray coating contains tiny bits of grit that bond to surfaces, indoors or out. EPOXY-GRIP SPRAY COATING is especially effective on decks, docks, boats, showers, baths and other surfaces that can become slippery due to standing water. It is also effective on steps, ramps, ladders, running boards and concrete surfaces that require the proper friction to keep operations running safely. When you need a secure, slip-resistant surface, Share has an economical solution - EPOXY-GRIP SPRAY COATING.


  • Easy to use, dries quickly and is chemical resistant.
  • Adheres to concrete, fiberglass, wood, steel and most surfaces.
  • Grit size of 90 microns
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