Early Harvest Air Freshener

Dry Spray Deodorizer

Ever felt like you've been cornered by awful smells? Fight your way out of the corner with Share's EARLY HARVEST AIR FRESHENER. Formulated with special neutralizing agents which are designed to suppress the source of smoky, stale odors, EARLY HARVEST AIR FRESHENER leaves behind a clean, fresh aroma. It is safe for use with all textiles, curtains, upholstery, carpeting and clothing hampers because it will not stain fabrics. Use this powerful air freshener to enhance all types of environments in commercial and institutional settings. If you find yourself confined by stifling malodors, escape with EARLY HARVEST AIR FRESHENER from Share.


  • Dry aerosol formula eliminates tough malodors at their source for lasting odor control. 
  • Spray does not cause 
  • Convenient aerosol is economical for use in areas with heavy odor problems.
  • Pleasant, fresh scent is ideal for most commercial and institutional areas.
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