Aerosol Flush-Off Solvent

Grease is okay to have when equipment needs to be lubricated. But when it breaks down to the point where it inhibits your machinery's performance, it's time to get Share's DEGREASER. Besides grease, it will cut through tar, dirt, oil and any combination of the three. Our convenient aerosol formula is safe to use on metal, concrete, plastic and even painted surfaces. Simply spray DEGREASER on any surface and watch it penetrate even the thickest dirt deposits. After a few minutes, the lifted grime is easily flushed away with a water spray. No laborious scraping or brushing. DEGREASER is fast and effective. If it's tough enough to scrape off, then it's easy enough for Share's DEGREASER.


  • Fast-acting solvent degreaser quickly strips away grease and oil deposits.
  • Easy-to-use aerosol dispenser helps flush away contaminants with pressure.
  • Non-staining, low odor solvent is strong enough for tough jobs, yet safe to use on most hard surfaces, including most plastics.
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