Crack Backer Rod

CRACK BACKER ROD is a round, flexible, polyethylene foam rod, used as a backing and thickness control device for Share’s LEVELATE Self-Leveling Urethane Sealant and TOUGH-FLEX Professional Urethane Sealant. It limits the depth of the sealant and sets the thickness of the sealant to maximize adhesion and allow joint movement with maximum flexibility.  This is the best way to reduce loss of adhesion and sealant failure.

Use it in expansion joints to allow expansion, contraction and up-and-down movement.  Share sealants are ideal for maintaining and installing floor and deck joints, horizontal traffic joints, curtain walls, construction partitions, precast panels, parking decks, door and window frame perimeters, coping, and building rehabilitation projects.

Backer Rod should be approximately 25% wider than the joint to fit tightly. Install using a blunt tool, fingers or roller, to allow approximately ¼” – ½” thickness of sealant.  It’s chemically inert and resistant to oils, gasoline, and solvents.  It withstands hot and cold temperature extremes from -45° to 160°F.



  • Use with Share’s LEVELATE Self-Leveling Urethane Sealant and TOUGH FLEX Urethane Sealant to set depth and control application
  • Allows Easy Control of Sealant Application Thickness
  • Helps make crack and joint repair last longer
  • Available in 3 sizes: ¼”, ½”, and ¾”
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