COUNTERPART [Aerosol All Surface Duster & Polish]

Tired of the dull waxy build-up that has accumulated on hard surfaces due to the old fashioned furniture polishes utilizing wax and silicone as their key ingredients? Restore the luster and beauty of that hard surface with, Share's COUNTERPART. A revolutionary new product that uses a quick breaking foam to dust, clean, protect, and shine all hard surfaces. The soak-in foam formula will restore life to porous surfaces such as wood and will add shine to less porous surfaces such as laminate. Whether your surface is porous or nonporous COUNTERPART will eliminate dust fly-away and fingerprints leaving behind a fresh, clean citrus aroma. This newly formulated product restores and protects many surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic, baked enamel, marble, solid synthetic, blinds, cabinets, appliances, baseboards, paneling, and many more. Share's COUNTERPART is the ultimate multi-surface duster and polish.


  • No waxes or silicones used as ingredients.
  • Eliminates fingerprints, dust fly-away, and build-up.
  • Restores luster and beauty to hard surfaces.
  • VOC Compliant dusting aid.
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