Copper Sulfate

Root Killer & Algaecide

The best lake resorts are those with an attractive, clear, weed-free body of water. Controlling these kinds of lake conditions is nothing like monitoring the pH and chlorine levels in a pool. Fish and other wildlife must be considered when selecting weed and algae eliminating chemicals. Let Share make your decision easy with COPPER SULFATE root killer and algaecide. A lake may be full of unwanted organisms or plant life such as green/blue-green algae, flagellates, diatoms, protozoa and potamogeton pondweeds, but with COPPER SULFATE you're assured of safely removing them. When properly applied according to the instructions, fish will flourish and remain unharmed. COPPER SULFATE is very versatile and works in settings such as sewer mains, pumping stations and drain pipes to alleviate obstructions, inhibit the growth of plant roots and eliminate fungus. For better control of unwelcomed organisms in your lake or drain pipes, your safe bet is clearly COPPER SULFATE.


  • Formulated with extra powerful copper sulfate pentahydrate.
  • Specially sized crystals are highly soluble for easy application.
  • Excellent for root control in sewer laterals.
  • Can be used on flowing bodies of water.
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Sewer and Drain
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