CLEAN COIL [Acid Coil Cleaner]

The coils on your heating and cooling units are their life lines. If they become corroded it can effect the entire unit. Keep heavy rust, lime and scaling away from your coils with CLEAN COIL from Share. First, penetrating agents power through accumulations to clear coils of any possible clogs. Next, the wetting agents keep corrosive material suspended so they are not redeposited. The rinsing additives in CLEAN COIL keep them flowing until they can be removed from the coil surface. Finally, special corrosion inhibitors keep coils clean by preventing oxidation from occurring once they are clean. Keep your coils free of corrosion with CLEAN COIL from Share and extend the lifetime of your heating and cooling units.


  • This carefully tested blend of acids cleans, descales and brightens metals.
  • The variety of dilution rates allows you to make a stronger solution for tougher deposits.
  • Recommended for use on heating and cooling coils in almost all industries.
  • No neutralizing is required after solution rinse.
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