Citronella Deodorant

Granular Odor Control

Share's CITRONELLA DEODORANT gives you the best of both worlds-it neutralizes malodors along with the proven insect control of citronella. When trash bins, dumpsters, incinerator pits, storage sheds and other areas begin emitting uncontrollable odors and attracting pesky insects, CITRONELLA DEODORANT will come to the rescue. With the addition of citronella oil, CITRONELLA DEODORANT fights biting and flying insects and keeps them away the natural way. Easy to use and easy on your budget, CITRONELLA DEODORANT from Share squelches unpleasant odors and repels insects in no time flat.


  • Sprinkle in garbage containers, refuse cans, truck beds and around decks and patios for effective odor and insect control.
  • Offers safer insect control than burning candles or spraying pesticides.
  • Ideal for hotels, motels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, garbage and refuse haulers, dumps, resorts, camps, and country clubs.
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