Ceiling Tile Whitener - Colonial White

Colonial White Acoustical Tile Rejuvenator

CEILING TILE WHITENER is a special aerosol coating developed to cover water stains, discolorations and all kinds of spots on ceiling and acoustical tiling. Instead of spending excessive amounts of time and money on replacing tiles, CEILING TILE WHITENER provides you with an inexpensive alternative. This easy to use coating dries instantly to a unique micro-void finish which maintains your acoustic properties. Once dried, it covers marks with a true-to-color, non-flammable coating that will not crack, flake, fade or cause tiles to sag or warp. Don't be ashamed of your ceiling, let Share's CEILING TILE WHITENER cover-up embarrassing blemishes.


  • Heavy off-white hue covers dark stains while accurately matching the color of your tiles.
  • Special nozzle allows paint to be applied both horizontally and vertically.
  • Also great for color matching around air vents, sprinklers and lights, or other areas where tiles have to be cut to fit into place.
  • A VOC compliant flat paint.
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