Bellacide [Cooling Tower Microbicide]

BELLACIDE™ 355 is an EPA registered microbicide used in open or closed cooling systems, air washers and industrial scrubbing systems, evaporative coolers, brewery pasteurizers, can warmers and retorts to control a wide array of microbiological entities including problematic slime forming and sulfate reducing bacteria. BELLACIDE™ 355 is algal specific and is very fast acting. It also works well with oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocides, and because it is not a quat or poly-quat based material, it does NOT compromise anionic compounds. BELLACIDE™ 355 is an excellent biodispersant as well as a microbial control agent that has a proven track record of handling difficult problems such as tenacious algal masses, sulfate reducing bacteria and other microbial problems that have overpowered other microbial control agents.



  • Very fast acting.
  • Effective against a wide variety of microbial entities.
  • Works with oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocides.
  • Also works as an excellent biodispersant.
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Water Treatment
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