AWAY II [Citronella Gel]

Help to enhance the outdoors for the daily camp and park crowd with Share's AWAY II. The all natural subtle aroma of citronella creates a perimeter in which local outdoor enthusiasts and workers can enjoy a serene environment. Best of all, AWAY II sprays as a liquid but quickly sets up as a thick gel, allowing application to walls and ceilings without running. Because of its clinging ability, it lasts longer than quick-drying aerosol sprays to provide extended residual action. Spray AWAY II on surfaces such as picnic tables, garbage cans, tent flaps, lawn chairs, window screens, benches, door frames, portable toilets and many more. Help your visitors enjoy their outdoor experience with Share's AWAY II citronella gel.


  • Formulated with citronella.
  • Sprays as a liquid but sets up as a clinging gel - will not run or drip from verticle surfaces.
  • Use on almost any surface such as picnic tables, tent flaps, lawn chairs, window screens, etc.
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