AR-CHEM AG CS-80 [Agricultural Foam Marking Concentrate]

When lower temperatures prevail, you can now use an economical alternative to our AR-CHEM AG AGRI-BEST FOAM MARKER specifically designed for cooler seasons - AR-CHEM AG CS-80. Made with a special blend of carefully tested foam additives and stabilizers, this inexpensive white foam holds up extremely well in temperatures under 75°F. This makes AR-CHEM AG CS-80 the ideal choice for use in early spring or late fall. Depending on water hardness, it can be mixed at various dilution ratios ranging from 1:60 to 1:80. For improved visual clarity on fields, AR-CHEM AG CS-80 can be mixed with any of Share's marking dyes. If you need to get out in the fields when temperatures begin to dip, be sure to use the foam that holds up well during cool seasons - AR-CHEM AG CS-80.



  • Economical foam specifically developed for cooler temperatures under 75 degrees.
  • Depending on water hardness, can be used at dilutions ranging from 1:60 to 1:80.
  • Provides a brilliant white color when applied, but can be used with various foam marking dyes.
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Agricultural Products
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