AR-CHEM AG CONQUER [Acid Floater and Equipment Cleaner]

AR-CHEM AG CONQUER, from Share Corporation, is the cleaner that can thoroughly wash your agricultural equipment inside and out. A heavy duty acid based cleaner, AR-CHEM AG CONQUER has the strength to remove thick chemical deposits from sprayer tanks. When using AR-CHEM AG CONQUER, residue from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and adjuvants are washed away from surfaces with ease. AR-CHEM AG CONQUER can also be used on the exterior of equipment too. It's perfect for removing soil and debris from aluminum parts and surfaces.



  • Concentrated form allows user to adjust dilution rates up to 1:15.
  • Extra strength formulation removes all kinds of field debris and spray residues.
  • Also can be used to clean a variety of exterior aluminum surfaces.
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Agricultural Products
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