Ar-Chem Ag Concrete Pad & Dike Sealer

Epoxy Ester Seal

Protect all of your concrete floors, retaining walls and reservoir dikes from leaks and damage with AR-CHEM AG CONCRETE PAD & DIKE SEALER. This specially formulated epoxy ester resin sealer is designed to penetrate the surface of concrete and other solvent resistant surfaces creating a clear, durable barrier between the treated surface and the damaging effects of harsh chemicals such as acids, bases, fertilizers and pesticides. AR-CHEM AG CONCRETE PAD & DIKE SEALER seals to protect against heavy traffic, stains, even the most aggressive chemicals to give you peace of mind in the unlikely event of a spill. AR-CHEM AG CONCRETE PAD & DIKE SEALER dries quickly - it is traffic ready in 24 hours.



  • Ideal for all concrete floors to protect against damage and staining.
  • Protects hard, porous surfaces on structures made of brick and cinder blocks.
  • Self-leveling properties provide for a smooth finish.
  • Easy to apply. Easy to clean. Easy to maintain.
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Agricultural Products
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