ANTI-SEIZE [High Temperature & Pressure Lubricant]

Metal parts won't surrender to corrosive locking when you coat them with ANTI-SEIZE from Share. This copper-based lubricant contains a group of incredible ingredients that prevent parts from seizing and galling when operating under intense heat and pressure. ANTI-SEIZE has been tested to endure temperatures as high as 2,100°F. Liberally spray this aerosol lubricant onto all moving parts. When sprayed onto threaded components, ANTI-SEIZE ensures a tight lubricating film between parts while simultaneously preventing corrosion and seizing. It's an excellent lubricant for metal-to-metal contacts, such as hinges and seals around boiler inspection ports. ANTI-SEIZE is also non-chlorinated, so it is safe for both the environment and the user. Just one product allows you to seal in lubrication and seal out oxidation - ANTI-SEIZE from Share.


  • Resists moisture, weather, steam, chemical fumes and salt spray.
  • Seals to plate, to protect and prevent metal surfaces from seizing and galling at temperatures up to 2,100
  • No-mess, clinging formula is designed for use on pipe and hose connections, gaskets and all other types of threaded fasteners.
  • Convenient aerosol dispenser reduces waste by allowing precise application as it protects against seizing, galling, rust, corrosion and galvanic pitting of all threaded parts.
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