AB-76 [Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener]

Whether you're a semi driver trying to remove diesel exhaust stains from your trailer, or a head chef trying to scrape off baked-on carbon deposits from pots and pans in the kitchen, AB-76 is the versatile cleaner you'll want to clean all your aluminum surfaces. AB-76 isn't limited to the road and kitchen range. Anywhere aluminum or stainless steel is used, it removes oxidation, corrosion and rust build up from your equipment. A special mix of acids make AB-76 a potent cleaner, yet it can also delime refrigeration units and clean concrete and tile surfaces.

  • Eliminates corrosive oxidation and rust caused by salt deposits.
  • Also removes oil and grease scum/stains.
  • Designed for use in factories and on trucks, trains, etc.


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