Foam Dispenser w/Refill & Valve

  • Foaming soap dispenser.
  • Push-button dispenser holds 1000 ml of soap.
  • Dispenses .80 ml of foam soap with each stroke.
  • 1000 ml refill valve is reuseable and removable.
  • Window on front allows determination of when soap refill valve needs refilling.
  • Durable construction and few moving parts ensure minimal maintenance.
  • Mounting screws and anchors provide for easy installation to wall.
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FLYWEB® [Adhesive Light Trap]

Anywhere there is a flying insect problem Share can help. The FLYWEB® adhesive light trap svailable from Share Corporation, will assist in the fight against pesky flying insects. With its unique compact design the light trap is ideal for any situation and space fitting into a variety of locations. The unit stays hidden while providing 24-hour, non-chemical silent trapping of flying insects by using a 9-watt ultra-violet light and disposable adhesive glue board. Insects are attracted to the U.V. light and trapped on the web-like disposable adhesive panel. The insect unit covers 600 sq. ft., is energy efficient, UL approved, and easy to assemble. Just remove the protective ooating on the adhesive board, insert it into the unit, and plug into any 110V outlet. No tools required. So the next time you need to get rid of flies, fruit flies, drain flies, bees, wasps, and other flying bugs and insects just plug-in the FLYWEB® adhesive light trap.



  • 24-hour, non chemical silent trapping.
  • Easy to replace, disposable 3
  • 9-watt energy-efficient U.V. insect lamp.
  • No assembly required.
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FlyWeb Replacement Lamps

  • G23 Base.
  • 9W Brightness.
  • 10,000h lamp life.
  • Used in the FlyWeb® traps (#1490).
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Feather Weight Sprayer

  • 1 gallon sprayer.
  • Ultraviolet resistant, translucent polyethylene tank.
  • Extra-wide 3 1/4" opening for easy fill and cleaning.
  • Automatic or manual pressure relief valve with pressurized indicator ring.
  • Fast pressurizing, 10" non-corroding polymer pump.
  • Replaceable pump cup.
  • Chemical resistant polymer discharge valve with comfort grip.
  • Flexible 16" rotating polymer wand with adjustable polymer nozzle.
  • 33" premium chemical resistant hose.
  • Wand storage clip on locking "D" pump/carry handle.
  • Also available as heavy duty sprayer for acids and solvents (additional cost).
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Evaporator Cup

  • Cup contains odor-absorbing granules that soak up liquid fragrances.
  • If cup is knocked over, granules prevent liquid contents from spilling out -- no mess.
  • Time-released granules provide long-lasting deodorizing action.
  • Compact design allows cup to be easily hidden.
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Essential Mist Metered Dispenser

  • Wall-mounted, AA battery operated dispenser automatically sprays Share's aerosol fragrances.
  • Green L.E.D. light indicates unit is operating.
  • Can set desired spray intervals to 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Red L.E.D. blinks to indicate the need to replace fragrance.
  • CDS light source inductor identifies night or daytime mode automatically.
  • Locking front cover deters vandalism and theft.
  • Mounting screws and anchors provide for easy installation to wall.
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Enzo-Snake Pump Assembly

  • Batteries included.
  • Programmable pump dispenses bacteria, enzymes and detergents into drains and grease traps.
  • Quickly pumps products at the rate of 3 1/2 ounces per minute.
  • Unit conveniently attaches to 5 gallon pails.
  • Applies up to 4 doses in a 24-hour period.
  • Timer allows control of the duration and times of dosages, depending on needs.
  • Provides the option of automatic or manual operation for convenience.
  • Pump runs on D cell batteries while timer uses one silver oxide cell.
  • Fits beneath most sinks.
  • Viton pump tubing available for solvents (additional cost).
  • Can be configured as standard electrical unit (additional cost).
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Electric Fogger

  • Converts one ounce of oil-based insecticide into 2000 cubic feet of fog within minutes.
  • Supplied with an unbreakable 40-ounce insecticide container.
  • Trigger lock prevents accidental dispensing.
  • Meets all electrical safety standards as a UL tested product.
  • For use with oil based products.
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E-Z Way Applicator Pad

  • Lamb's wool applicator pad.
  • 100% natural wool.
  • Manufactured from specially tanned, dense 3/4" thick hides.
  • Dimensions: 24" L x 7" W.
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Drum Spigot Plastic

  • 2" or 3/4" spigot.
  • Polyethylene body and stem tolerate most acids, caustics and oils.
  • Rugged, lightweight two-piece construction allows for simple repositioning of spigot.
  • Spigots are easily cleaned.
  • Fits most large or small bungs.
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