Citronella Deodorant

Granular Odor Control

Share's CITRONELLA DEODORANT neutralizes malodors in trash bins, dumpsters, incinerator pits, storage sheds and other areas that emit uncontrollable odors. CITRONELLA DEODORANT is easy to use and easy on your budget. It works quick and easy - just sprinkle it into any foul-odor area and walk away! CITRONELLA DEODORANT from Share squelches unpleasant odors, keep areas smelling fresh with a great citrus scent!


  • Sprinkle in garbage containers, refuse cans, truck beds and around decks and patios for effective odor control.
  • Ideal for hotels, motels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, garbage and refuse haulers, dumps, resorts, camps, and country clubs.
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